SKL® OU2 Technology


It is an innovative safety shoe characterized by a new concept sole designed to allow the foot to best adapt to its most natural position, with significant benefits for the back and the joints.

A correct posture means well-being and feeling less fatigue during working hours.


The OU2 shoes are manufactured using an innovative costruction technology, together with technical materials which are particularly lightweight, breathable, durable and long lasting.

The result is a shoe that combines ergonomics, performance, safety and comfort at the highest levels.
An extremely flexible, soft and light shoe which allows the foot to move freely and improves the support, with an unparalleled anti-fatigue effect.


The shoes with the OU2 sole allow an optimal support of the foot and facilitate the proper position of the spine.
A correct posture prevents lumbar aching and cervical pains.


The high quality of the polyurethane compound used in the sole ensures a perfect shock absorbtion and reduces stress on the joints favouring comfort.


The revolutionary design of the tread makes these shoes suitable to be used on all terrains, even in the presence of liquids.

Designed to be free from sharp edges on the sides where the shoes touch the ground, it provides a better grip even in the most extreme uses.


It offers a proper and correct bending in relation to the movements of the foot and an energy absorption system in the heel.

The “rounded” shape provides a perfect base of support and therefore more stability even when the foot is bent.


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