SKL® Sox Technology


The SKL® technical socks, entirely made in Italy, are perfect for work and leisure.
Thanks to the use of different and innovative materials and construction techniques, this a product with high breathability, capable of transmitting excellent comfort and a pleasent anti-fatigue effect to feet and legs.
Anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and anti-static, these socks are comfortable even when worn for estended periods of time.
The SKL® Sox range provides different weights (heavy, medium, light), for use in all 4 seasons.


Our fabrics have innovative mixtures of different materials and properties.
The result is a highly breathable material, with an exceptional ability to transport moisture.

Natural fiber, fine and soft, of animal origin, with high thermo-regulating properties, which protects and insulates from the cold.
It is one of the most elastic fibers.
Its softness helps to dampen vibrations considerably.
Thanks to its remarkable ability to absorb moisture, its use helps to prevent rheumatism and joint pain, as it absorbs the excess moisture in the body and facilitates the neutralization of harmful substances produced by sweat.

Synthetic microfiber with excellent bacteriostatic properties (presence of an exclusive bacteriostatic agent in the polymer matrix of the fiber), which maintains the natural balance of the skin and fights the growth of bacteria on the tissues, thus disfavoring the onset of dermatitis, allergies and/or odours.
Maintains optimum body temperature while providing great comfort, lightness and breathability.

Technologically advanced synthetic fiber with exceptional performance in terms of warmth and breathability.
Thanks to the presence of a hollow core that forms small pockets of insulating air it has a weight which is 40% lower compared to the traditional wool, but with the same ability to retain body heat.
The products made with this fiber are therefore very lightweight, breathable, soft and extremely comfortable and, thanks to the excellent antistatic and anallergic properties, can also be worn by people who experience skin sensitivity.
Water-repellent and stain-resistant, it is a fabric that can be washed and dried easily while being resistant to mold and bacteria.

Very light aramidic synthetic fiber, which offers an extraordinary resistance to cut, abrasion and heat by contact.
Items made with this fiber are very resistant and long lasting, as well as comfortable.
Excellent ability to absorb vibrations.

Very light hollow core-fiber, with a structure that captures the air, assuring a high thermal insulation and maintaining an optimal body temperature.
Thanks to its outstanding transpirability, it transports the humidity and sweat from the skin toward the outside of the garment, maintaining the skin dry.
This type of fiber, technologically advanced, dries faster than cotton and any other fiber with similar insulating and transpirant properties.
Thanks to its lightness and softness, the articles made with it result extremely comfortable.

Synthetic fiber manufactured using advanced technology and high tenacity fibers.
Extremely strong and durable, it is characterized by lightness and ease of maintenance.
It provides an abrasion resistance twice as high than a normal nylon fabric together with a high resistance to tearing and tensile strength.
It is not a waterproof fabric, but dries quickly.

Extremely elastic synthetic fiber, which has the ability to reduce muscle vibration and fatigue of the muscle, by transmitting a high feeling of comfort and well-being.
The Lycra® can be combined with any natural or artificial fiber and even a small amount of it is sufficient to transform the performance of each fabric.
In fact, thanks to the high power and elastic recovery of the shape, the garments made with Lycra® are characterized by a perfect fit and allow high freedom of movement.
They offer good breathability and are easy to care.

Hypoallergenic natural fiber of vegetable origin which offers high comfort thanks to its lightness, softness and the ability to absorb the natural transpiration of the body.
Because of its hypoallergenic properties it is suitable for contact with all skin types, even the most delicate.
Important characteristics of cotton are also good resistance to wear and heat.

Synthetic, thin, brilliant fiber with good resistance to abrasion and tearing.
Due to its elasticity and resilience of the form, it is highly comfortable.
Lightweight and breathable, it is often used in combination with other fibers, even natural, to increase strength and shine. Garments made with this fiber are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Elastomeric synthetic fiber, mainly based of polyurethane, it is used to elasticize the tissues due to its important capacity of expansion, adaptation and shape recovery.
It is usually associated with other fibers and the higher the percentage of elastane, the higher the ability to adapt to the shape of the body.
Also, it has the ability to reduce muscle vibration and the fatigue of the muscle, by transmitting a high feeling of comfort and well-being.

The acrylic fibre is often used to identify, in general, synthetic fibers produced at industrial level with acrylonitrile, a monomer that, synthesized, becomes the main component of the fabric.
Among the synthetic fabrics it is the most similar to wool, and for this reason it is often used in the knitwear industry.
It has good thermo-regulating properties and high resistance to washing.


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