SKL® Urban Technology


The new footwear line Urban by SKL® has been designed and made entirely in Italy, using the best materials and the best technology of the Made in Italy, to create a shoe with superior performance in terms of durability and wear resistance.
A shoe which is tailor made just for you, your safety and your maximum comfort.


Key features of this line are the comfort, flexibility, lightness and ergonomics, combined with an especially refined design of the shoe, inspired by the style of the most fashionable models on the market used for sport and leisure able to satisfy even the most demanding workers in terms of look.


The strength of Urban is the removable and thick “comfort” insole (1 cm high on the heel), specifically designed to help improve posture of the foot.
It is made with high-density, multi-layer materials which ensure an effective body weight support.
The thickness in the heel area causes, in a natural way, a slight imbalance of the foot towards the front, helping to reduce the pressure sustained by the back.


The use of these innovative materials also make the insole highly breathable, antistatic and antibacterial.
If used daily, this footwear will change the way in which the worker perceives fatigue in his feet and his back in favour of a feeling of well-being and comfort.


Urban is a shoe with a large shape and a wide sole, essential to provide an unparalleled interior comfort.
The large shape allows the shoe to adapt to different types of foot and, thanks to the breathable and padded internal lining which extends up to the toe, the frontal part of the shoe is comfortable even when the foot is bent.
The presence of the counter made of pre-shaped plastic material that surrounds and protects the heel and the shank inserted in the sole, allow to keep the foot in the correct position, thus further improving the support and therefore the posture, while providing greater stability, safety and comfort during movement.


All this decreases the feeling of fatigue and heaviness often encountered by those who use protective footwear for their daily jobs.
The energy absorption system in the heel reduces the stress on the joints and supports the body weight properly.


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